Mental health in athletics

One Rep at a Time available now!

Written, directed and performed by Che Eviénè
Filmmaker: Grant Archer

One Rep at a Time is also going to screened at HOME MCR on the 22nd of June as part of Filmed Up. Book tickets here.

Click here to see what Athletics Weekly have to say about the film. 


Mental Health in Athletics

‘One Rep at a Time’ provides an insight into the psychological challenges faced by athletes. The story is told through a series of diary entries and social media posts, uncovering how running has the power to both heal and destruct.

"On May 19, Eviénè hosted an online screening of her short film, with talks from guest speakers Tom Bosworth, Mhairi Maclennan, Joe Fuggle, Andi Drake, and sports psychologist Casper Farrimond. The event aimed to start important conversations and work towards breaking the stigma around mental health in sport." - Athletics Weekly

"Interesting, insightful and powerful."

Nicola Birch

"I can't fully express just how imperative a discussion like this is on a grander scale, especially having witnessed the backlash athletes have faced for voicing their stories and struggles..."

Jennifer Luciano

"Excellent video, inspirational and relatable."

Hannah Butcher

"An excellent film - really clearly got across how isolating it can be for athletes experiencing mental health difficulties and why it's important to raise awareness of this and make it an easier topic to talk about."

Jennifer Keal