Juliie Hesmondhalgh

"I have known Che for several years since she invited me to be part of a discussion at her FE College on working-class access to the arts.  From the get-go I was beyond impressed by her professionalism, her drive and passion, her organisational prowess (which seemed to me to be beyond her years) and the eloquence and articulacy with which she chaired the talk and the subsequent Q and A.  We have been friends ever since, and I watched her grow and develop as an artist: making work, striving to improve her craft, constantly seeking to use her writing, musical and acting skills to start big conversations and be of service to the wider community.  I am her biggest fan!"

che with julie hesmondhalgh mid debate.j

Heather Phoenix

"I feel privileged to know and work with Che. Artist, theatre-maker, musician and composer, she is a phenomenal talent and a true inspiration, whose passion and enthusiasm for every one of her projects is boundless. She is also one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet."


"During her time with us at the Pendleton School of Theatre, Che demonstrated her absolute commitment, professionalism and endless energy for the world of theatre. An exemplary student of acting, Che also took on directing projects, a one woman show and the hosting of two fascinating debates on  Meritocracy within the Performing Arts Industry. It was no surprise to see her awarded the BTEC Performing Arts Silver Award for student of the year, 2019. I have great confidence in her ability to make creative, significant and politically aware contributions to the world of contemporary theatre."